Sciatica literally means pain down the back of your leg! Its not really a diagnosis but is often associated with disc injury and nerve compression/irritation.

In general terms, sciatica is considered a pain starting in the low back or buttock and extending down the back of one or both the thighs, sometimes into the calf and feet. The pain can vary from a mild ache to severe ‘electric’ shooting pain, which can be constant or fluctuating. There may also be other neurological symptoms like burning, numbness, pins and needles, tingling and/or weakness in the leg.

There are various causes of sciatica that a skilled practitioner can help diagnose and plan a pathway out of pain. Spending time with the patient to discuss the history and perform a thorough exam is the best way to determine the cause of your sciatic pain and how to best get rid of the pain.

Often sciatic pain is the result of referred pain from low back or pelvic muscles, soft tissues like ligaments or joints. These issues are often easily handled by your Chiropractor.

Sometimes the pain is due to nerve compression from things like disc bulges in the low back or structures compressing the sciatic nerve bundle (like the piriformis muscle in the middle of the buttock). Disc bulges can often be successfully managed with physical therapy and behavioural and exercise advice, as can many of the tissues that may compress the sciatic nerve.

With complex cases or causes of sciatica your chiropractor will work with your health care team and refer if necessary. Occasionally xrays and scans may be needed.

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