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At the Heidelberg Chiropractic Clinic we take great pride in providing excellence in modern chiropractic care, for all ages.

We aim to provide a relaxed, friendly environment where we can deliver the finest quality care, using patient centred and evidence based techniques.

Via a through history and assessments, we try to identify the root cause of your concerns, with a focus to enhance your function and to help you towards optimal health.

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Why Choose Heidelberg Chiropractic Clinic?

We always put our patient’s needs and thoughts first, treating each person as an individual with personalised care plans, rather than recipe based management.

We give you control over your injury by working as a team and providing you with information to allow you to take control, rather than letting the injury control you.

In conjunction with you we set achievable targets for your recovery and long term goals for your current and future physical and emotional well being.

We encourage all of our clients to be proactive and consider their overall health. Requiring consideration of Chiropractic care, exercise habits, diet, nutrition, and sleep.

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