As the technology in our lives advances, we find ourselves sitting for longer and longer periods.  We have become more sedentary and few are meeting the guidelines for minimum exercise (even our children).

More of us than ever before have a job that requires us to sit for extended lengths of time, most days of the week.

This has consequently resulted, amongst other things, a loss of muscle, reduced cardiovascular fitness, obesity and often detrimental changes in our posture.

We can all relate to getting a sore low back, or neck if we sit for too long. Whilst pain is one unpleasant consequence, recent research has shown that sitting for long periods, most days can increase your chances of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  Premature death is linked to these diseases.  We can help you set realistic goals for movement and appropriate exercise types.

As for poor posture, it can chronically impact your endurance, pain, capacity to function as desired, and cause issue in other muscular and skeletal regions (like the shoulders and arms).

At the clinic, we can reassure and help you with safe and effective treatment and ‘self-help’  strategies to better manage your posture concerns.

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